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NASA to announce company that will fly crews to ISS from KSC

<p> NASA said that it will announce Tuesday which company or companies have won contracts to fly astronauts from the Space Coast to the International Space Station starting by 2017.</p><p> [WATCH LIVE: <a href="/lifestyle/technology/live-nasa-astronaut-announcement/28083086" target="_blank">NASA astronaut announcement</a> at 4 p.m. ]</p><p> Local 6 news partner Florida Today reports the space agency will hold a news conference at 4 p.m at Kennedy Space Center. Participants are NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana, Commercial Crew Program Manager Kathy Lueders and astronaut Mike Fincke.</p><p> You can watch the announcement live on, starting at 4 p.m.</p><p> The Boeing Co., Sierra Nevada Corp. and SpaceX are considered the leading contenders for the multi-billion dollar contracts to taxi astronauts to and from the station on privately designed spacecraft developed under NASA's Commercial Crew Program, which is led from Kennedy Space Center.</p><p> The companies may receive word from NASA Tuesday morning before a public announcement this afternoon.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:21:12 GMT

Florida middle school teacher accused of sex battery on student

<p> A Lakeland middle school teacher was arrested Monday night on allegations of sexually battering a 14-year-old student.</p><p> Authorities said Emmanuel Taveras, a 28-year-old teacher at Southwest Middle School, was arrested on three counts of sexual battery of a student.</p><p> More information will be released at a Tuesday afternoon news conference.</p><p> Watch Local 6 News and stay with for more on this story.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:56:38 GMT

Mother says bullying led to her son's suicide at Lake Mary school

<p> The family of a <a href="/news/attorney-cites-bullying-in-seminole-county-teens-suicide-at-school/28032392" target="_blank">14-year-old student who shot and killed</a> himself at a Lake Mary middle school said the boy took his own life because he was tormented by bullies.</p><p> <a href="/news/lamar-hawkins/28063348" target="_blank">Lamar "Shaq" Hawkins</a> was found dead last week at Greenwood Lakes Middle School.</p><p> </p><p> Lamar's mother, Shaniqua Hawkins, said her son, who was small for his age because of health complications, was called "Shaq" because he had a "larger than life personality." </p><p> Hawkins said her son's size made him an easy target, adding that he was emotionally and physically abused.</p><p> "They pushed him down stairs, knocked him out of his chair in the cafeteria, mocked him due to his size and repeatedly attacked him with an intent to emotionally harm him," she said.</p><p> Hawkins, who was joined by her husband, Lamar, said their son never showed any signs, however, that he wanted to take his own life.</p><p> “Shaq was always so positive despite being tormented by bullies,” Hawkins said.  "(But the bullies) won because he took his life as a result of (the abuse)."</p><p> Hawkins said she believes her son took his life at school to send a message to the bullies.  She also said the bullying began while the family was living in New York and continued in Florida.</p><p> "We made several attempts to put the school on notice there were bullies at school,” Hawkins said, without adding any other details.</p><p> "There are no words to describe the death of our son right now,” Hawkins said.  "It’s a feeling I hope no other parents has to feel.  The hopelessness is overwhelming.”</p><p> Attorney Matt Morgan, who's representing the Hawkins, said that the gun used in her son's suicide belonged to the boy's father, adding that it was stored properly.</p><p> Hawkins said Lamar's death is the second tragedy to hit their family in the past month.  She said she recently gave birth, but the child didn't survive.</p><p> Morgan said the issue of bullying needs to be seriously addressed.</p><p> “People don’t think it’s that big of a deal, for whatever reason,” Morgan said.  "How many children have to die before bullies are held accountable for their actions?"</p><p> Later Monday, Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin released a statement about the Hawkins' news conference.</p><p> “This is a very tragic circumstance and our hearts and prayers remain with the family during this difficult time.  We are aware the family held a press conference this morning and allegations of bullying were discussed.  The School Board has a comprehensive bullying policy that is fully enforced in all of our schools. </p><p> "We must remind everyone that this is an ongoing law enforcement investigation and Seminole County Public Schools has cooperated fully from the beginning as the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office works diligently to gather the facts surrounding this tragedy. </p><p> "The school district remains firmly committed to assisting the family, our students, faculty and staff with support as they continue to grieve and heal.  Additional counselors are in place at the school and will remain for as long as necessary.”</p><p> The Seminole County Sheriff's Office said it continues to look into Lamar's death.</p><p> "The investigation is still ongoing as we continue to look into the events that led up to this tragedy," said Kim Cannaday, spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office.</p><p> The family has started a <a href="" target="_blank">Go Fund Me account</a> to raise money for Lamar's funeral expenses.</p><p> atch Local 6 News and stay with for more on this story.</p>

Published: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 21:25:48 GMT

Closing arguments set in Brevard road rage trial

<p> Closing arguments are expected to be heard Tuesday morning in the Brevard County road rage trial of William Sherwood.</p><p> Jurors were only in court Monday morning for a few minutes as Sherwood's defense team rested and the state decided not to have rebuttal witnesses.</p><p> Sherwood, 65, is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing Melbourne car salesman John Pratt, 64, last year. Authorities called the slaying an act of road rage.</p><p> Sherwood, who took the stand in his own defense Friday, says he shot in self-defense after the two got into a fender-bender at the intersection of Babcock Street and Brevard Drive.</p><p> Pratt was driving a customer's SUV for a possible trade-in when prosecutors said Sherwood made obscene gestures, tailgated and intentionally bumped the car salesman.</p><p> After the crash, Sherwood said Pratt approached his car, reached through his window and punched him, forcing him to shoot in self-defense.</p><p> Watch Local 6 News and stay with for more on this story.</p>

Published: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 16:37:13 GMT

Flagman killed at Florida speedway

<p> A veteran flagman at Bronson Speedway died after a racing pickup truck went out of control and hit him.</p><p> Paramedics rushed to the scene on Sunday afternoon in Bronson, but 49-year-old Buddy Jack Howell was pronounced dead a short time later at a Gainesville hospital.</p><p> Levy County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Scott Tummond told the <a href="" target="_blank">Gainesville Sun</a> it was a "tragic accident."</p><p> Officials say the driver of the pickup truck was racing a small red car when he lost control, spun counterclockwise and hit Howell.</p><p> Bronson is located in Levy County in north Florida.<br/></p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:55:58 GMT

Funeral home adds drive-through window

<p> It's no secret that Americans are always looking for ways to save time, but one funeral home in Michigan has added a new feature that is causing some push back.</p><p> That is because Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan recently added a drive-thru window.</p><p> As cars pull up to the window, the curtains move back after a sensor in the ground detects the vehicle's weight.</p><p> The funeral home owner says the design allows for people to see the departed even if they have disabilities or work restrictions. </p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:03:19 GMT

On this day: September 16

<p> The Pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower, "Jingle Bells" is copyrighted, General Motors is founded, Nixon drops in on "Laugh-In," Hurricane Ivan hits the Gulf Coast, and the federal government bails out AIG, all on this day.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:00:00 GMT

'Miami Vice': Where are they now?

<p> Fire up that Ferrari Testarossa and break out the pastel-colored clothing, the quintessential '80s cop show "Miami Vice" turns 30 on Tuesday. Join us for a look at where the show's stars are now.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Defense rests in Brevard County love triangle murder trial

<p> A jury is expected to get the case on Tuesday in a love triangle murder trial in Brevard County.</p><p> Shelia Graham-Trott will appear in court Tuesday as both sides make their closing arguments, then the jury will be sent off to determine their verdict. Graham-Trott is accused of killing Kelly Brennan, the lover of Graham-Trott's estranged husband.</p><p> Local 6 news partner Florida Today reports outside the presence of the jury who will decide if Graham-Trott is guilty of first-degree murder, and before they delivered their verdict, Judge James H. Earp made comments that the killing was premeditated and there's evidence that Graham-Trott admitted to the crime.</p><p> After presenting a witness who said evidence should have been handled differently to prevent possible contamination, the defense rested their case. The jury was sent away for the evening, and the defense argued that the state hadn't proven premeditation and asked the judge to find their client not guilty.</p><p> The state countered by saying premeditation could be shown by injuries aimed at vital areas — Brennan died after suffering blunt injuries to the head consistent with being hit with a hammer, though no murder weapon was found. Brennan's car was moved and Graham-Trott's sons testified she appeared clean the night of the killing.</p><p> "Which suggests the planning of taking additional clothing or wearing protective clothing at the time of the struggle with the victim," Assistant State Attorney Jim McMaster said.</p><p> The judge denied the defense's effort.</p><p> "I think the conclusion is easy to reach, that this was a premeditated homicide," he said.</p><p> While discussing jury instructions, the judge said there was "direct evidence of an admission." Graham-Trott's sons testified she had a dream Brennan had been hurt, and then drove them to where her body had been taken.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:13:38 GMT

CoverGirl ad attacked by NFL protesters

<p> Activists have hijacked a CoverGirl ad campaign intended for female NFL fans in order to protest the league's mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence controversy. </p><p> A picture of a woman CoverGirl was using on social media sites for its "Get Your Game Face On" campaign was changed. In it, she's wearing purple eyeshadow and fingernail polish in support of the Baltimore Ravens -- and now she has a black eye. </p><p> The protesters are posting the jarring image to Twitter and Facebook while calling for the resignation of the NFL's commissioner Roger Goodell and for others to boycott the league. </p><p> Rice was cut by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL after a video surfaced last week of him punching his then-fiancee, now wife, in an Atlantic City elevator. </p><p> The league is being criticized for how it handled the case because Rice was originally suspended for just two games. Goodell has admitted that was a mistake. Since then, the NFL has established a six-game unpaid ban for those who violate its policy on domestic violence. </p><p> CoverGirl's parent company Procter & Gamble did not respond for a request for comment. Both the CoverGirl and the P&G websites were not loading Monday evening and instead posted a message that they were "currently under maintenance." Still, CoverGirls is still promoting the campaign on its Facebook and Instagram pages. </p><p> CoverGirl is not the only company to be caught up in the controversy. </p><p> EA, which makes the Madden NFL video game series, cut Rice from the game's roster. Nike terminated its contract with Rice and removed his jersey from </p><p> But other companies have not been so quick to sever ties. Verizon, one of the NFL's largest sponsors, even gave the league a vote of confidence last week. </p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:14:00 GMT

Florida suspends reading exam amid growing pressure

<p> A state exam used to measure reading comprehension has been suspended.</p><p> Local 6 News Partner Florida Today report the change will impact the youngest of students, after mounting unrest with Florida's so-called "testing culture."</p><p> According to the Tampa Bay Times, the state suspended the Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading on Monday, also known as the FAIR test, for students in kindergarten through second grade.</p><p> Instead, teachers will observe students through a less-formal measurement than sitting for an online test.</p><p> That's a victory for testing opponents, who say that students take too many tests—and that state exams play too large a role in educational decisions.</p><p> The FAIR test is not tied to high-stakes educational decisions, such as promotion from third grade or high school graduation. Instead, it is used to measure progress.</p><p> The new Florida Standards Assessment will be used for those decisions, replacing the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, also known as the FCAT. Students in grades 3-11 will take the FSA exams this school year.</p><p> But the state decision is a marked shift; it was announced to superintendents in a memo from Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, according to the Times.</p><p> Statewide attention has turned to standardized tests thanks, in part, to a now-reversed Lee County School Board decision to "opt out" of state exams.</p><p> Officials rescinded their original vote after learning that they could lose state funding, and prevent students from earning a high school diploma, among other consequences.</p><p> But the focus has fueled an anti-testing fire, one that some educators say is overdue.</p><p> In Brevard, parents and teachers called on school board members to take a stand, and more than 600 people have joined an "Opt Out Brevard" Facebook group, which is calling for change.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:33:28 GMT

Insider?s advice helps young adults land jobs out of college

<p> According to a recent study, nearly half of all recent college graduates are working in jobs that don't require a degree. That’s a sobering number for parents whose children are enrolled in colleges and universities around Central Florida.</p><p> [WEB EXTRA:<a href="" target="_blank"> Click here for more information on Recruiting Snitch</a>]</p><p> But a local corporate recruiter says it doesn’t have to be that way and offers students practical advice on what they should be doing outside of the classroom to help them land a job once they toss their graduation cap this winter or spring.</p><p> "I'm always shocked when I talk to students that they really think just because they have a degree they're going to get a job," said Alysse Metzler, recruiter and author of <a href="" target="_blank">“The Recruiting Snitch”</a>.</p><p> Metzler calls the book an insider's guide to what she and her fellow recruiters expect from potential employees.</p><p> "It's all about understanding this game of employment,” said Metzler.</p><p> She says college students should think of their job search as a game so that making the right moves while in school will win a student a job upon graduation.</p><p> Metzler’s first tip: Students should join professional networking sites like LinkedIn and use the fact that they're in school as an advantage.</p><p> "Here's the secret: people always want to help college students but as soon as they graduate they're in the real world now, people aren't going to be so open to helping them," said Metzler.</p><p> Lionel Galvez, a junior marketing major at University of Central Florida says he’s learned that lesson by Metzler’s book in class.</p><p> “You do not always have to be like a super star student, like only A’s and B’s, but you have to get involved in organizations at the school, doing internships because that will help you build your resume," he said.</p><p> Second tip: List the top 10 companies in the industry where you want to work and keep up with their job listings.</p><p> "Now granted they won't be applying for the job right now but they can look at the jobs, familiarize themselves with the application system as well as look at the skills needed for these positions," said Metzler.</p><p> Tip no. 3: Students should also be networking with their professors.</p><p> "I know it may not look cool, but these professors have a network of professionals currently in the industry and they want to help you," explains Metzler.</p><p> Tip no. 4: Find your ability and work with it.  Traits like organization, leadership or if you're good with numbers, Metzler says these things can all spell success or failure in your career.</p><p>  "You will set yourself up for failure if you try a job that doesn't require your natural skills," she advised.</p><p> And lastly: Make sure there are enough jobs in your chosen field.</p><p> "Do that research now and if it requires changing a major or minor do it now, don't wait until you've graduated and you're sitting on the unemployment line and realize that what you went to school for unfortunately doesn't result in any jobs," said Metzler.</p><p> Galvez says the book has helped him with his career plans by more than just advising, he says it’s energized him.</p><p> “I could read the book four or five times and every time I read it, it motivates me more and more," he said.</p><p> Metzler reinforced the importance of internships and finding your passion for whatever work you choose, adding, "Once they start to do those things - they're going to win that game."</p><p>  </p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:19:49 GMT

Photos: Florida mug shots

<p> Here's a look at some of the individuals who have been arrested recently in the Sunshine State.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 09:51:45 GMT

Colleges that bring in the highest paycheck

<p> Graduates with bachelor's degrees from certainU.S. colleges earn some ofthe highest salaries in the country, according to Payscale. Find out which colleges will get you paid the most.</p>

Published: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:00:00 GMT