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Planned Parenthood shooting suspect ID'd

<p>Two civilians and a police officer were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in a nearly six-hour standoff Friday.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>The suspected gunman is Robert Lewis Dear, 59, a law enforcement official told CNN. The official did not provide additional information.</p><p>Police captured him, but they're still working to pinpoint his motive -- and make sure he didn't leave any explosives inside or outside the Colorado Springs building.</p><p>Bomb technicians are investigating what's believed to be the suspect's vehicle in a parking lot, a law enforcement official said.</p><p>It was not immediately clear why Planned Parenthood was the target of the shooting.</p><p>One Planned Parenthood official said the motive behind the attack was unknown, but pointed to what she called a "poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism" as a possible cause.</p><p>"We don't yet know the full circumstances and motives behind this criminal action, and we don't yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack," Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said in a written statement. "We share the concerns of many Americans that extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. We will never back away from providing care in a safe, supportive environment that millions of people rely on and trust."</p><p>Cowart told CNN she believes all staff and patients from the clinic are accounted for.</p><p>"We're still reaching out to confirm individuals, how they are. I believe no one of our staff was severely injured. I also believe at this time that none of our patients were injured," she told CNN.</p><p><strong>Officer was a six-year veteran</strong></p><p>The slain officer, 44-year-old Garrett Swasey, worked for the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and was on campus about 10 miles away when the shooting broke out. He went to the scene "in support of an officer under fire," the school's chancellor said in a statement.</p><p>Swasey was a six-year veteran of the university's police force.</p><p>Four civilians and five police officers were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds. The injured victims were in good condition Friday night, police Lt. Catherine Buckley said.</p><p>"The officers, they're obviously in some pain, but thankfully they're alive and talking to us, and they're heroes ... The courage they displayed today saved many, many lives -- no doubt," Colorado Springs Fire Chief Christopher Riley said.</p><p>In a statement released late Friday, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards thanked law enforcement officers.</p><p>"Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the brave law enforcement officers who put themselves in harm's way in Colorado Springs," she said.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p><strong>Siege lasted for hours</strong></p><p>The announcement of the suspect's arrest came nearly six hours after someone first called 911 around 11:30 a.m. (1:30 p.m. ET) and reported a shooter was inside the Planned Parenthood building, which is near a shopping center and numerous offices.</p><p>For hours, police reported shootouts with the gunman, warning people to stay inside nearby businesses and seek shelter.</p><p>The shooting brought life to a standstill as police closed roads and people were trapped inside businesses for hours in a busy corner of the central Colorado city, which has more than 400,000 residents.</p><p>First, Tessa Smart saw a look of concern flash across a patient's face in a nearby chiropractor's office where she works. Then she heard the gunfire.</p><p>"I heard a bullet go right by the door and hit something," she told CNN. "And I ran back to my desk and grabbed a bunch of keys and fumbled at the door trying to find one to lock it. ... As I was doing that I was seeing the police commotion outside, police running everywhere, ducking behind cars with guns."</p><p>Denise Speller, who works at a salon, said she heard at least 10 gunshots go off and saw a police officer get hit.</p><p>"It was terrifying," she said.</p><p>Joan Motolinia said he got a phone call Friday afternoon from his sister, who was inside the clinic.</p><p>"I heard the shooting," he said, choking up as he described the situation to reporters. "She couldn't say too much because she was afraid."</p><p>In a nearby grocery store, an announcement over the intercom told shoppers they weren't allowed to leave. They huddled with staff at the back of the supermarket.</p><p>It was shocking to watch SWAT teams while holed up inside a nail salon, witness Jill Lavelle said.</p><p>"Seeing the SWAT members squatting down in their shields and their riot gear, with their automatic rifles out, that was very ... I never have experienced anything like that before," she said.</p><p>Despite initial fears that the shooter could be on the loose outside, authorities now believe he remained inside the Planned Parenthood building throughout the siege, Buckley said.</p><p>Several injured victims made their way into a nearby bank, she said.</p><p><strong>Attack comes as Planned Parenthood faces criticism</strong></p><p>Hours after the shooting began, video from CNN affiliates showed people in medical scrubs and white coats being escorted from the scene.</p><p>Planned Parenthood is a national health care provider that delivers reproductive health care and sex education to women and men throughout the United States. The organization runs nearly 700 health centers throughout the United States, according to its website.</p><p>The group says each year 2.7 million people in the United States visit its health centers for health care services and information. Abortion is among the services Planned Parenthood clinics provide, an issue that's made the organization a target in the past.</p><p>It's faced sharp criticism in Washington and from some Republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail after an anti-abortion group released a series of videos alleging that Planned Parenthood engaged in the selling of fetal organs and parts for profit.</p><p>Planned Parenthood has strongly disputed the videos and contended the tapes provide a distorted account because they are heavily edited.</p><p>At least three Planned Parenthood buildings have been vandalized since September.</p><p>Last year, abortion providers in the United States saw 12 incidents of vandalism, one burglary, one invasion, one arson attack, one death threat and four stalking incidents, according to the National Abortion Federation.</p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 06:13:41 GMT

Man arrested in connection with multiple burglaries, Orange County deputies say

<p>Ralph Ductan, 21, didn't have much to say Friday night after being arrested in connection with multiple burglaries in Orange County.</p><p>Deputies said he won't admit to the crimes, but it was cellphone video that gave him away.</p><p>"He knew that we were looking for him; he saw himself on the news. So we really appreciate all the help from the public," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Detective Kathleen Ela.</p><p>Deputies were able to confirm Ductan took a selfie with the stolen phone. Once they linked him to the burglaries, they issued warrants for his arrest. Friday night, they ran across him on an unrelated call.</p><p>"Deputies were responding to a general disturbance in the area and when he saw the deputies, he took flight from them," added Ela.</p><p>They chased Ductan down to Orange Blossom Trail and Holden Avenue, where he was arrested in connection with multiple apartment burglaries in the area -- in one case holding a mother and her 3-year-old son at gunpoint inside their home.</p><p>"He was continuing to get more violent the longer this went on. he was definitely looking for money, he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted," Ela said.</p><p><strong><a href="">OCSO put out a sketch Tuesday looking for a suspect</a></strong>. At this time they're not saying it's Ductan. Deputies said they're still following up with witnesses to see if others are involved.</p><p>Ductan is facing a laundry list of charges, including armed robbery, and is being held with no bond.</p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 04:52:54 GMT

Hazardous conditions at Volusia County beaches this holiday weekend

<p>The Volusia County Beach Patrol is flying the red flag Friday and warning beach goers of hazardous conditions that are causing up to seven foot waves, rip currents, and high speed winds.</p><p>Hal Boland and his family are braving the waves instead of the malls on Black Friday.</p><p>"I enjoy the heavy waves, it's a lot of fun," Boland said.</p><p>But Volusia County Beach Patrol says the waves could be dangerous. Officials are warning the conditions could cause high hazards, including waves up to seven feet, rip currents, and high wind speeds. Life guards are set up at 10 posts and keeping a close watch. They're urging beach goers to not go more than waist deep in the water.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>"We're just on the side of the beach; we're not going deep in the water," beach goer Felipe Colina said.</p><p>Andy Pollock and his family are visiting Daytona Beach from Wisconsin. He says his family is finding other ways to have fun instead of going in the water.</p><p>"We're more of a sandcastle kind of family than a surfing family, so it works out well," Pollock said.</p><p>Others are taking walks down the beach or just dipping their toes in the water.</p><p>"I'm just kind of in the background, not going full on in," Anna Boland said.</p><p>Despite the warning and the red flag, the call of the ocean is too strong for some.</p><p>"The water is cool, it's just beautiful," Colina said.</p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:58:56 GMT

Man shot at Florida gun range

<p>A Georgia man was injured Friday in an accidental shooting at a gun range in St. Augustine, according to officials.</p><p>The victim was shot around noon in the upper leg/lower abdomen while reportedly behind a target at the Ancient City Shooting Range on Agricultural Center Drive, which is near Interstate 95 and State Road 16.</p><p>Deputies said Aaron Acklan, of Darien, Georgia, was shot once in the leg and stomach while behind a target at the Ancient City Shooting Range on Agricultural Center Drive, which is near Interstate 95 and State Road 16, <a href="">WJXT-TV reports</a>.</p><p>The victim was flown to UF Health Jacksonville with life-threatening injuries, officials said. The <a href="">Florida Times-Union reports</a> that he was listed in stable condition.</p><p>Deputies said the investigation revealed that Acklan and his brother-in-law, James Duffy, 71, of Tampa, were at the range while visiting with family members in the area.</p><p>At the time, Duffy believed that Acklan was in the restroom and began to shoot his rifle at the nearest target (25 yards) in the 100 yard stall, deputies said. WJXT-TV reports it is believed that three shots struck Acklan, who was behind the 100-yard target and he fell to the ground.</p><p>Gun range staff provided medical treatment until paramedics arrived. Based on witness statements and physical evidence at the scene detectives, believe that the shooting was accidental at this time, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.</p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 03:31:22 GMT

Florida teacher accused of having sex with student is pregnant, friends say

<p>A St. Johns County teacher who was arrested late Wednesday afternoon after being accused of having sex with a student is married and is expecting her first child, according to her previous classmates and friends.</p><p>The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said Virginia Houston Hinckley, who lives in Jacksonville, turned herself in Wednesday at the Nassau County Sheriff's Office after learning a warrant for her arrest was issued.</p><p>The 26-year old St. Augustine High School teacher is charged with having unlawful sexual activity with a minor which is a second-degree felony.</p><p>She was released Wednesday after posting $10,000 bond, WJXT-TV reported.</p><p>Detectives began an investigation Oct. 20 after allegations that Hinckley had sex with a 16-year-old boy who was one of her students.</p><p>Police interviewed witnesses and search warrants were obtained and used as evidence in the investigation.</p><p>Detectives then turned the investigation over to the State Attorney's Office, which issued the arrest warrant Wednesday afternoon.</p><p>Hinckley was suspended with pay in October pending the outcome of the Sheriff's Office and school investigation, according to the St. Johns County school district.</p><p>No other details about her pregnancy have been released.</p><p>According to the St. Augustine High School website, Hinckley teaches ninth-grade English and ninth- and tenth-grade intensive reading.</p><p>At this point, the investigation only surrounds one 16-year-old student.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 12:59:52 GMT

The Basement pours $60,000 in beer during UCF losing streak

<p>A downtown Orlando bar gave out $60,000 in free beer during UCF's football team's losing streak, according to ESPN.</p><p>Business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted Friday that The Basement, "gave out $60,000 (retail) worth of beer in their free beer until Knights win promo (they never won)."</p><p>The bar retweeted the message.</p><p>After UCF started the season 0-4, The Basement posted on its Instagram page, "Free beer until UCF wins. Seriously. Free beer during every game until we win. Because we need something to be excited about."</p><p>The Knights, which beat Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl two years ago, finished the 2015 season winless after getting <a href="">trounced by rival USF 44-3 on Thanksgiving night</a>.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 23:51:18 GMT

Theme World: SeaWorld's Christmas celebration

<p><strong>SeaWorld Christmas Celebration & Deals</strong></p> Nov. 27, 2015 Hope your Thanksgiving left everyone with a full belly. With the turkey trotting past, Christmas celebrations are in full swing in most of our theme parks. (Universal holds off until December 5th). This year, for the first time, I was able to experience much of <a href="" target="_blank">SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration</a>. % INLINE % That smiling shark hopefully will help you get in the mood. SeaWorld gets into the spirit in a way that is traditional, yet unique. Most of the park is decorated top to bottom. Even the park's topiary killer whale photo op has luminaries leading up to it. % INLINE % % INLINE % As you might expect, SeaWorld Christmas features a special killer whale show: "Shamu Christmas Miracles," but it also features a nativity pageant that is nearly as overtly religious as Epcot's Candlelight Processional. % INLINE % "O Wondrous Night", in the Nautilus theater, is a more lively take on the Christmas Story than reading from the Bible. It uses 30 carols, an energetic cast, Puppets and live animals to tell the tale in a way that, I think would be fun even for non-believers. % INLINE % % INLINE % The story proper starts with a lamb puppet disappointed she missed the big event. The other animal puppets try to take credit for bringing Mary & Joseph to their particular barn and manger. It climaxes with live camels, goats, llamas and even a dove taking the stage along with the holy couple and even an angel who is hoisted aloft by wires. The animals add a bit of unpredictableness to the show. The camel and llama minders, in particular, had to work to keep their friends calm while staying in character. % INLINE % % INLINE % I was invited to attend the opening night on November 21st. Unfortunately, the evening turned rainy. Really, really rainy. But SeaWorld's team did a good job keeping the crowds entertained anyway. % INLINE % SeaWorld's offerings also include a Christmas Village with holiday food, shopping, and an elaborate model train layout. % INLINE % % INLINE % That's set up on the path between the Waterfront area and Bayside Stadium. That stadium is home to an energetic ice skating show called "Winter Wonderland on Ice." % INLINE % % INLINE % The Sea of Trees is a backdrop for that show, and an attraction in its own right. More than 100 Christmas trees have been placed all throughout the lake at the heart of the park. Take the pedestrian bridge and you can walk right through them. % INLINE % The lights on the trees dance to musc regularly, and from the bridge you can spot the Mako hyper coater under construction. % INLINE % % INLINE % My final stop for the night was "The Polar Express." While you wait in line, you may find the train conductors are talented acapella singers. % INLINE % The ride itself is a lot of fun, despite the film's "uncanny valley" people. I kind of wish it was here year-round. It is vastly better than the badly fading and dated "Wild Arctic" simulator film. After the ride, kids of all ages can meet Santa. And the animal exhibits here remain among the most engaging in the park. % INLINE % % INLINE % % INLINE % SeaWorld's celebration runs select nights through December 31st and is included in park admission. For a deal on that admission, head to<a href=""> SeaWorld's web site</a>. Today is <a href="">Blue Friday</a>, which features BOGO annual passes and more. Look for more deals on <a href="">Cyber Monday. </a> Have a great weekend!

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 21:28:34 GMT

Mysterious flying object search proves fruitless in Brevard

<p>Though emergency personnel searched by air, land and sea on Thanksgiving following reports of a mysterious flying object that crashed near the Pineda Causeway, no evidence was found, Brevard County Sheriff's Office Cpl. David Jacobs said Friday morning.</p><p>A 911 caller reported seeing a plane crash into the Banana River just south of the causeway, according to police scanner traffic.</p><p>Jacobs said a sheriff's office helicopter scanned the river using a thermal-imaging camera. Land-bound deputies also looked in vain, and the U.S. Coast Guard, Brevard County Fire Rescue, Patrick Air Force Base and Satellite Beach police were notified.</p><p>"Nothing was ever found, which leads me to believe that they didn't see what they believed they saw," Jacobs said of people who reported the flying object.</p><p>News 6 partner Florida Today reported that Coast Guard personnel determined that one witness who was driving by saw a sailboat operator lowering its sail -- and mistook the movement for a plane falling from the sky, Petty Officer Steve Lehman said Friday morning. The Coast Guard conducted phone interviews, but did not send people to the scene, Lehman said.</p><p>Joe Zayas, a Rockledge retired aerospace worker, said he called Rockledge police and the Coast Guard after he spotted "a bright light falling out of the sky" near dusk. He lives near Lowe's at Fiske and Barnes boulevards, and he was eating Thanksgiving dinner on his outdoor patio looking toward the east.</p><p>"It looked to me like an object on fire. Whatever it was, it was falling on fire," Zayas recalled Friday morning. "It was heading at a slight angle towards the Pineda.</p><p>"All I know is, it took my breath away because I thought, 'That could be a plane. That could be an act of terrorism.'" he said.</p><p>Zayas said he watched the object for about two seconds before it disappeared beyond the treetops, and it left no smoke trail.</p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 19:10:54 GMT

Watch News 6 at Noon livestream

<p>Watch News 6 at Noon with Bridgett Ellison, David Hall and meteorologist Troy Bridges.</p><p>Be sure to visit or download the free News 6 App (search "WKMG" in your App Store) to watch News 6 livestreams weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m., 4 to 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. </p><p>News 6 is getting results in Central Florida.</p>

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Cars stolen from Brevard County dealership

<p>Brevard County investigators say at least three people smashed their way into Westside Cars on South Tropical Trail on Merritt Island and stole cars.</p><p>The bandits got away with three vehicles and left car keys and license plates scattered on the ground, officials said.</p><p>A description of the culprits is not known.</p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 14:26:01 GMT

USF blasts UCF in season finale

<p>The UCF Knights took to the field for the last time this season in the seventh edition of "The War on I-4" against the South Florida Bulls.</p><p>USF quarterback Quinton Flowers scorched the Knights for 176 yards and 3 touchdowns in South Florida's 44-3 win.</p><p>UCF finished the season winless and ranked 114th in total defense and 128th in total offense, averaging under 15 points per game.</p><p>The Knights are 2 and 5 against the Bulls and finished winless for the second time in 11 years.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 14:18:23 GMT

Donald Trump to campaign in Florida

<p>Republican presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump returns to Florida for a campaign rally on Saturday.</p><p>Trump's rally will be held at the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, beginning at noon. He last visited Florida last month when he made stops before large crowds in Miami and Jacksonville.</p><p>The latest statewide poll shows Trump leading with 36 percent, followed by Marco Rubio, 18 percent, and Ben Carson at 15 percent. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was in fifth place with 8.9 percent.</p><p>Earlier this week, the Trump campaign announced the hiring of four new staffers. Named were Jennifer R. Locetta as deputy State Director; Ken Mayo as Director of Field Operations; John Ross Pughe as Southeast Regional Field Director; and, Craig Bachler, as Director of Coalitions.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 14:14:28 GMT

'Operation Burglar Box' returns for Black Friday

<p>Local law enforcement in Central Florida are teaming up to bring "Operation Burglar Box" back for the holiday shopping season. </p><p>The Orange County Sheriff's Office and Kissimmee police have partnered with Orlando Recycling and Waste Management to have "cardboard-only" dumpsters placed throughout the area. </p><p>The so-called "burglar boxes" allow residents to discard cardboard boxes, especially for big-ticket items like TVs, computers and gaming consoles, instead of leaving them curbside outside their homes.</p><p>The Sheriff's Office said criminals often target homes by boxes left outside during the holiday season.</p><p><strong>Here are the Orange County Sheriff Office locations:</strong></p><p>- Sector 1 Substation - 1111 N Rock Springs Road, Apopka FL</p><p>· Waterford Shopping Center (behind the Subway)- 413 N Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32828</p><p>· Sector 2 Substation -11000 Lake Underhill Road Orlando, Florida 32825<br /> <br /> · Orlo Vista Park 1 N. Powers Dr. Orlando, FL 32835</p><p>· Lowes 8700 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32818</p><p>· Goodwill- 7915 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32809</p><p>· Costco- 2101 Waterbridge Blvd Orlando, FL 32837</p><p>· Winn-Dixie - 11957 S Apopka Vineland Road, Orlando FL 32836</p><p><strong>Kissimmee Police Department locations:</strong></p><p>· Plaza Del Sol - 3831 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741</p><p>· Mill Creek Mall - 1400 E. Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34744<br /> </p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:59:34 GMT

Central Florida to see warm, breezy day

<p>If you enjoyed the weather on Thanksgiving Day in Central Florida, there's more of it in store.</p><p>"Expect more of the same weather for your Black Friday and into the weekend," News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos said. "Strong high pressure will continue to maintain control across the area, causing a strong east breeze."</p><p>Winds are expected to remain at 10 to 15 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph, especially along the coast.</p><p>"With winds kicking up, a small craft advisory as well as a high threat for rip currents will remain in effect through at least Sunday," Campos said.</p><p>Skies in Central Florida will be mostly clear on Friday. Onshore flow will pick up a few more showers throughout the afternoon, however.</p><p>"Slightly heavier showers will track onto the beaches with continued weakening as they track inland," Campos said. "Rain chances will remain at 30 percent along the coast, and 20 percent for inland neighborhoods. Any rain we do see on Friday should quickly track in and out in a few minutes along the strong breeze."</p><p>Highs will rebound back to the upper 70s to low 80s around most neighborhoods in Central Florida. As the sun sets, lows will slowly cool back into the mid-60s.<br /> <br /> "Looking ahead into the weekend, long range models keep highs above average in the upper 70s to low 80s with minimal rain in the forecast," Campos said.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 12:24:01 GMT

Early shoppers line up for Black Friday deals

<p>People flooded the Toys R Us in Altamonte Springs on Thursday for the Black Friday deals. Ertha Walters was the first shopper in line and said she's been doing this for over a decade.</p><p>"Getting something $700 difference, having that off, is a big difference for some people," Walters said.</p><p>Her friend sitting next to her in line says she's there for moral support. She's shopper No. 2.</p><p>"It's not just for the kids, us adults see things on sale and we get to take a chance to take advantage of those deals, so it is exciting," said Chana Yon.</p><p>One shopper said she got her toys half off.</p><p>"We got Star Wars and Nerf guns, that is what my 7-year-old is dying for this Christmas, so we're all set," said Alicia Pritchart.</p><p>Just down the street at Target, hundreds were in line for the 6 o'clock big open.</p><p>"When I'm buying for my grandkids and saving money, I can get them more, so you can't beat that," said Dave Maranda.</p><p>The Best Buy on Colonial Drive is also getting a rush. Fex Marano said he waited three hours to get his new television.</p><p>"They were running, people were fighting all over the place," Marano said. "I didn't know what to do. I just grabbed the TV and walked out."</p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:23:25 GMT

Pedestrian hit by car, killed in Orange County

<p>The Florida Highway Patrol said a 60-year-old Chuluota man was killed Thursday when he was hit by a Ford Mustang while walking along Colonial Drive in Orange County.</p><p>Troopers say a 2013 Mustang was traveling westbound on Colonial Drive, and the Chuluota man was walking westbound in the median along the road. The 52-year-old Orlando woman driving the Mustang said the man suddenly started walking north across the westbound lanes, according to troopers.</p><p>The Mustang tried to avoid the man by veering left, but the front side of the car hit the man, killing him, the FHP said.</p><p>The driver and her two passengers, ages 76 and 26, were uninjured.</p><p>The westbound lanes of Colonial Drive were shut down but later reopened.</p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 12:31:14 GMT

Central Florida International Auto Show kicks off in Orange County

<p>The Central Florida International Auto Show is in full swing at the Orange County Convention Center.</p><p>Both domestic and foreign automakers are displaying their new 2016 models to the public.</p><p>One of the trends at the auto show is taking old designs and mixing them with new technology.</p><p>The 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 is a throwback of an old muscle car design, but features state-of-the-art technology.</p><p>"The consumers and the design teams are really looking to reinvigorate these historic muscle cars. The ones that really resonate with people," said Rachel Young with Ford.</p><p>The 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful Dodge ever sold. With 707 horse power, the sports car can top 199 miles an hour without any modifications.</p><p>If off-road driving is more your style, Jeep is showing off its latest models with an obstacle course track. Visitors are able to ride in the new models going up and down a 35-degree incline, and a 30-degree tilt.</p><p>The Central Florida International Auto show runs through Sunday.</p>

Published: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:21:09 GMT

Former deputy accused of robbing store, leading police chase

<p>A former Flagler County sheriff's deputy was arrested Thursday on allegations of robbing a store in Daytona Beach and leading police on a chase through three counties.</p><p>A store owner said the man, identified by authorities as Daniel J. Ruddell, of Palm Coast, was in the Circle K at 1900 LPGA Boulevard in Daytona Beach for 30 minutes. He was about to purchase $300 worth of candy and snacks when he claimed he needed to go to his car to get his credit card. The owner said Ruddell returned and told the clerk to give him all the cash.</p><p>Police said Ruddell threatened the clerk with a bottle of liquid and claimed it was toxic.</p><p>The store owner said Ruddell didn't show a gun. He said the clerk complied because Ruddell was a "big guy."</p><p>Shoselle Christian, who was standing in the checkout line at the Circle K Thursday evening, said she stopped to get gas at the location where the robbery happened. Once she was inside the store, she said Ruddell was holding a handful of items. Christian said that she offered to help carry them, unaware of his intentions.</p><p>"I was like, 'oh man, what am I experiencing today on Thanksgiving. You are supposed to be thankful,'" Christian said. "His response was, 'No I don't need help.' He was just trying to hurry up and get out of there. He was like, 'No, no, no. Leave me alone,' and he just left out the door."</p><p>When Ruddell left the store, Christian said the clerk told other customers Ruddell had demanded cash. Before that, Christian was unaware the robbery was happening right before her eyes.</p><p>"The man was like, 'I just got robbed. The man right there, just went out of the store just robbed me of this that and the other.' I said, 'Oh no!'" Christian said.</p><p>"I know he doesn't want to get caught, but you are an ex-cop. You know the duties of everything. You know you will be caught eventually in the end," Christian said.<br /> <br /> Christian also said that a Dunkin' Donuts employee attempted to write down Ruddell's license plate tag, but said it was covered up.</p><p>Police saw the Silverado at Nova Road and 10th Street and tried to conduct a traffic stop, but the vehicle fled onto northbound I-95, officials said. The car fled driving approximated 40 to 70 m.p.h., according go police.</p><p>Flagler County authorities set up two sets of stop sticks on I-95 and pursued the car into St. Johns County. The car avoided the stop sticks. St. Johns County police set stop sticks at State Road 207 and when the Silverado avoided the stop sticks, it rammed into a Flagler police car and tried to run over police officers, according to officials.</p><p>Police fired shots at the car, which continued driving slowly northbound because two tires were deflated by the stop sticks. Police used a PIT maneuver to stop Ruddell near the County Road 214 overpass in St. Johns County.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>The car crashed on the side of I-95 just north of Highway 207 and Ruddell was arrested without incident. He was taken to Flagler Hospital.</p><p>Police said Ruddell is a former Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputy who retired a year and a half ago. Before then, he was an officer with Daytona Beach and a deputy in Putnam County.</p><p>Ruddell was arrested last week for resisting arrest and marijuana possession, police said. </p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>Ruddell was arrested on charges of aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude with property damage. Additional charges are pending.</p><p>A judge on Friday morning set bond for Ruddell at $90,000. He will be transported from St. Johns County to Volusia County at some point.</p><p> </p>

Published: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 04:52:45 GMT

2 arrested after crashing stolen car at Disney resort

<p>Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies said two men were arrested Thursday after crashing a stolen car into a kiosk at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.</p><p>Police said the men crashed the car near 900 Cayman Way after 5 a.m. and fled the scene on foot. One of the men arrested is a juvenile.</p><p>There were no injuries in the crash.</p>

Published: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 22:29:16 GMT

1 dead after crashing into traffic signal pole on SR 520, FHP says

<p>A 36-year-old woman was killed in a Merritt Island crash Thursday morning on State Road 520, according to Florida Highway Patrol.</p><p>The crash was reported at SR 520 and Kiwanis Island Park Road just before 4 a.m.</p><p>Troopers said Jessica Hebert was driving on westbound SR 520 when she drove over a curb and onto a grass shoulder before crashing into a large traffic signal support pole.</p><p>Herbert sustained fatal injuries as a result of the crash, according to FHP.</p><p>No other vehicles were involved.</p><p> </p>

Published: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 15:57:38 GMT