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Man dies in shootout with Orange County deputies

<p> A SWAT team found a man dead inside a Belle Isle home Wednesday morning after he exchanged gunfire with deputies conducting a narcotics investigation, according to officials.</p><p> Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said that deputies with the narcotics unit were at the home on the 5300 block of Hawford Circle when investigating "the delivery of a parcel."</p><p> Demings said that the SWAT team was involved after the shooting because they believed the suspect was barricaded in his home, but he had apparently died inside.</p><p> The suspect is 30-year-old Harrison Carter.</p><p> Demings said that the SWAT later entered the home and found the man dead.  It's not yet known if he died from deputy gunfire or a self-inflicted gunshot wound.</p><p> It's not clear if drugs were in the package under investigation, but deputies said the home was under surveillance by the narcotics unit for a period of time.</p><p> Deputies say Carter pointed a gun at deputies and deputies opened fire.  Carter the. retired fire according to the sheriffs office.</p><p> The deputies were not hit.</p><p> Several roadways were closed in the area of Hoffner Avenue and South Conway Road and the neighborhood was placed on lockdown. Deputies said they evacuated at least five homes around the home under investigation.</p><p> Local 6 news helicopter Sky 6 flew over the scene as authorities rushed to the house and shut down roads, backing up traffic.</p><p> Belle Isle borders the southeast edge of Orlando.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:20:30 GMT

Brevard man arrested on allegations of raping woman, police say

<p> A man has been arrested after being accused of forcefully restraining a woman and raping her on a dirt road in Brevard County, police say.</p><p> The victim was walking near the intersection of Pluckebaum Road when Karl Blush offered her a ride and she accepted, police said.</p><p> Blush immediately locked all the doors to his vehicle and proceeded to drive down a nearby dirt road, where he forcefully pulled the victim from the vehicle, pushed her to the ground and raped her, according to the arrest report.</p><p> Police also stated in the report that Blush struck the victim on her face, leaving a red mark under her left eye.</p><p> Blush was arrested on sex battery and false imprisonment charges, according to the arrest report. His bond was set at $350,000 on Wednesday.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:55:55 GMT

Orange County deputies search for man in Publix upskirt video

<p> Orange County deputies are searching for the man they say took video up a minor's skirt while shopping at Publix.</p><p> Deputies said the video voyeurism was reported on June 19 at around 3 p.m. when the 17-year-old was shopping at Publix on 1921 South Alafaya Trail.</p><p> Surveillance video from Publix shows the man following her with an object in his hand, squatting down next to her and place the object on the ground under her skirt, according to deputies.</p><p> Deputies said the victim then walked away after his suspicious behavior.</p><p> Deputies said they believe the video shows the man, dressed in a dark polo shirt and khaki pants, walking around the store and looking for a victim.</p><p> If you have any information on the man, contact  Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.</p><p> </p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:51:48 GMT

Port Orange boy recovering after encounter with barracuda

<p> A Port Orange boy is recovering after a terrifying encounter with a 5-foot barracuda.</p><p> The fish jumped into a boat and struck the 13-year-old so hard and made him bleed so bad, he said he thought he was going to die. What made it worse, he and his father were so far offshore, they didn't have any way to call for help.</p><p> It was a Sunday afternoon fishing trip for Irwin King and his son, Parker. About 19 miles from land, they spotted a barracuda.</p><p> "We seen him and he was big and we were like, 'This should be a fun little fight.'  But it wasn't.  It wasn't," said Irwin King.</p><p> That fight turned into a fight for Parker's life.</p><p> "In a split second, he went from there, up over the boat and just nailed him right (on the upper chest/shoulder area)," King showed Local 6.</p><p> The fish nailed the teenager so hard that it landed Parker in the hospital. Getting to the hospital, however, was the challenge. Being more than 15 miles away from shore, with no phone reception, they raced back to land with the barracuda still in tow.</p><p> "It's still flopping in the back of the boat and I started going, just heading, I mean, it was not a fun ride.  It was a bouncy ride and I really didn't care. I didn't care if parts were flying off the boat, I just wanted to get him in," recalled King.</p><p> Parker had a towel wrapped around his arm and chest for the ride.</p><p> "I was praying that he wasn't going to run out of blood," said King.</p><p> Now, staples and stitches later, Parker is out of the hospital and recovering from a fight that nearly cost him his life.</p><p> "The fish won on that one.  He got us, he got Parker. He was a champ, I mean, he was a champ," said King.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:09:32 GMT

State investigates missing evidence at FHP

<p> State transportation leaders have launched a criminal investigation into missing evidence at the Florida Highway Patrol.</p><p> The investigation is being conducted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle's Office of Inspector General. It focuses on missing items from FHP's Troop K, which patrols 450 miles of the Florida Turnpike.</p><p> Investigators are saying very little about what they've found so far, but did say they're investigating "missing items from an Evidence Property Room."</p><p> One evidence technician has already resigned in the wake of the investigation.</p><p> Eric Blackmon resigned on July 14, admitting nothing to investigators in his resignation letter, saying he's "resigning for personal reasons and (he does) not wish to discuss them."</p><p> Local 6 couldn't reach Blackmon for a comment on Wednesday.</p><p> The probe comes just five months after an evidence technician with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was arrested.</p><p> Jospeh Graves, 32, was taken into custody after an FDLE investigation showed he stole prescription pain pills from the FDLE laboratory in Pensacola. He's accused of replacing the pills with over-the-counter medication.</p><p> As a result, that agency is now reviewing 2,600 cases that were handled by FDLE.</p><p> It's not known how many cases the FHP's missing evidence may impact.</p><p> FHP leaders say the investigation into the missing items in their evidence room continues and will provide updates when they are able to.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:30:02 GMT

Vet forgotten, locked inside Orange City VA clinic

<p> A Marine veteran from Deltona says he's very disappointed in the Veterans Administration after he was locked inside the community clinic in Orange City on Monday.</p><p> [RECOMMENDED:  <a href="" target="_blank">'Flying' barracuda shreds boy's arm</a> | <a href="" target="_blank">Rain turns sod into 'water bed'</a>]</p><p> Jeffrey Duck tells Local 6 he arrived as a "walk in" patient at the clinic located on S. Volusia Avenue at 1 p.m. Monday.</p><p> He says he sat waiting in a consultation room for more than three hours before he realized he was the only one left in the building.</p><p> "I was apparently left there and forgotten," said Duck.</p><p> Locked inside and worried that he would be accused of trying to steal something, Duck whipped out his cellphone to take video of him walking around the lobby, which set off the burglar alarm.</p><p> He called 911.</p><p> "I apparently got left in a VA facility -- a medical facility -- and the alarm has been going off," he told the operator.</p><p> "So, you're inside and there's no employees?" the operator asked.</p><p> "None that I can see," he said.</p><p> [DID YOU SEE THESE?  <a href="" target="_blank">Worst prom pictures</a> | <a href="" target="_blank">Tattoo spell check</a> |<a href="" target="_blank">TV's greatest pets</a>]</p><p> The Veterans Administration issued an apology to Duck on Tuesday, saying, "We want to apologize to Mr. Duck for his experience yesterday at the Orange City VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic."</p><p> "We are looking at our closing procedures and will make changes to ensure that this does not happen again," VA administrators stated.</p><p> Duck said he's not angry.</p><p> "I'm kind of disappointed; really disappointed," he said. "There's a lot going on with the VA right now, they're all over the news. Everybody knows what's going on with them."</p><p> Duck says he hopes his story will help shine attention on other problem areas within the medical operations.</p><p> "There's a lot of people with bigger problems than me," he said.</p><p> Watch Local 6 News and stay with for more on this story.</p><p> </p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:25:03 GMT

Photos: Florida mug shots

<p> Here's a look at some of the individuals who have been arrested recently in the Sunshine State.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:33:36 GMT

TV's all-time 30 greatest pets

<p> Whether they were the star of the show or just part of the cast, television history is filled with animal stars who stole the spotlight from their human co-stars. Here's a look at our picks for the best 30 TV pets ever.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Hot diggity dog! It's National Hot Dog Day

<p> Hot diggity dog! July is National Hot Dog Month and July 23 is National Hot Dog Day.</p><p> During hot dog season (Memorial Day to Labor Day), 818 hot dogs are eaten every second. And on the Fourth of July, Americans devour approximately 150 million hot dogs; that's enough to stretch from coast to coast five times.</p><p> Depending on where you are, hot dogs can look and taste completely different. From slaw dogs in the South to Chicago dogs in the Second City to Detroit’s Coney dogs, cities take their hot dogs very seriously.</p><p> One of the first mentions of cooking sausages can be found in Homer’s Odyssey: "As when a man besides a great fire has filled a sausage with fat and blood and turns it this way and that and is very eager to get it quickly roasted."</p><p> Hot dogs have come a long way since Homer’s days. These days you’ll find bacon-wrapped, fried hot dogs and even chicken, turkey and veggie dogs.</p><p> As for toppings, a hot dog loves them all. Whether you stick to simple ketchup and mustard, add chili or sauerkraut, hot dogs do not discriminate. So, this month, take some time <a href="" target="_blank">to experiment with a childhood classic</a> that’s all grown up.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:28:58 GMT

Florida shuts down Jacksonville puppy mill

<p> Florida has frozen assets and halted the operations of what officials say was a large English bulldog puppy mill in Jacksonville.</p><p> Attorney General Pam Bondi said Wednesday a judge temporarily shut down the business and froze the mill's assets while officials seek restitution for consumers.</p><p> Accused are Brooke Roque, Anthony Roque, Glenda Roque, Kassaundra Buttram and Michelle Echols, who authorities say sold the dogs on websites.</p><p> The businesses were named Remarkabull, Five Star Bulldogs, Grand Bulldogs, Matrix Bulldogs and Brook's Bullies.</p><p> Bondi says more than 700 English bulldogs were sold for more than $1 million total, and that the five lied about the health and pedigree of the animals.</p><p> Bondi says consumers were misled by claims the animals had valid health certificates and were certifiable with the American Kennel Club.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:26:30 GMT

Drunken driver struck police vehicle, Daytona Beach police say

<p> A driver was arrested Wednesday on DUI charges after crashing into a police cruiser, according to the Daytona Beach Police Department.</p><p> Police said two officers were conducting traffic stops in the 400 block of South Atlantic Avenue when Clinton Shockley struck one of the officer's vehicles that had a prisoner in the backseat.</p><p> The prisoner was treated for injuries, according to police.</p><p> Both officers were hit with debris but were not seriously injured, police said.</p><p> Watch Local 6 News and stay with for more on this story.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:13:15 GMT

Thief sues pizzeria for injuries during hold-up

<p> A man who held up a local pizzeria at gunpoint is now suing the shop's employees for allegedly roughing him up as he attempted to run off with the cash.</p><p> Nigel Sykes, 23, of Wilmington, Delaware, alleges assault in a federal civil complaint claiming the rough treatment during the attempted hold-up was "unnecessary" and that as a result of the injuries he suffered, he is due over $260,000.</p><p> The News Journal reports that Sykes admitted in his self-written complaint -- which he filed from prison, where he is serving a 15-year sentence for robbery and attempted robbery -- that he forced he way into Seasons Pizza in Newport, showed the employees his gun and demanded money. After they handed over $140, he began to exit the shop when employees allegedly grabbed him from behind and wrestled the gun from him, with at least one shot being fired during the struggle.</p><p> "That is when the assault began," according to Sykes' suit. "All of the Season's Pizza employees participated in punching, kicking and pouring hot soup over my body. I was unarmed and defenseless and had to suffer a brutal beating by all of the employees of Seasons Pizza," he wrote.</p><p> Sykes also alleges that that after employees subdued him, two Newport police officers improperly used stun guns on him and denied him access to medical attention.</p><p> At the time of his 2010 arrest, police said Sykes was linked to at least eight other robberies including a bank, three other pizzerias, two fast food restaurants and two convenience stores.</p><p> Attorneys for the two Newport police officers recently filed a response to the suit, seeking to have it tossed out on statute of limitations grounds.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:09:56 GMT

Top 25 companies for work-life balance

<p> Juggling a job and home life can be stressful. Find out which companies are making work-life balance a priority.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Deadliest plane crashes in history

<p> Dozens are feared dead after a TransAsia Airways plane crashed on one of Taiwan's Penghu islands Wednesday. Take a look at the deadliest plane crashes in history.</p>

Published: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:06:32 GMT