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Florida voters want marijuana legalized, new poll shows

<p> Florida voters overwhelmingly support the idea of legalized medical marijuana, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.</p><p> [CAST YOUR VOTE:  <a href="/news/25692304" target="_blank">Do you think marijuana should be legal in Fla.?</a>]</p><p> The poll released Monday morning showed that 88 percent of Florida voters support medical marijuana, compared to 10 percent who are opposed.</p><p> The poll also found that 55 percent of voters approved of recreational use of marijuana, compared to 44 percent who opposed.</p><p> The poll didn't specifically ask about the constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would legalize medical marijuana. Instead, it asked about the idea in general.</p><p> The poll of 1,251 voters was conducted July 17-21 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:29:22 GMT

Man walking on beach killed by plane

<p> A  man is killed and his daughter critically injured when an airplane strikes them as they walked along a Florida beach.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:11:39 GMT

Decision on school uniforms irks some in Lake County

<p> This is the time of summer many parents begin their back-to-school shopping for their children. Some parents in Lake County, however, are finding out they may want to wait on buying new clothes for their students.</p><p> The new principal at Eustis Heights Elementary School has proposed the students wear uniforms.  Monday evening, parents will have the chance to weigh in on the issue before school board members vote on it.  The school year begins August 18 in Lake County.</p><p> "The only thing left I needed was jeans and pants. I already had shirts and shoes," said Carla Rodriguez, whose son is a student at Eustis Heights Elementary.</p><p> Rodriguez is against the implementation of uniforms at her son's school because she's already done her back-to-school shopping. She believes the decision should have been made earlier in the summer.</p><p> "I know there's families who can't afford to buy their kids new school clothes. And now the school clothes I just bought him, I gotta eat that, and go buy him more clothes for the school year. It's not fair," said Rodriguez.</p><p> School leaders say the uniforms will help with an emphasized focus on academics this year at Eustis Heights Elementary. For the first time ever last year, the school received an "F" grade from the state. In years past, it's always been graded an "A" or "B."</p><p> The basic uniforms can be bought at stores like Walmart. But for moms like Rodriguez, it's just another back-to-school cost.</p><p> "I'll probably put it on more credit cards. There's nothing more I can do because they waited until the last minute," said Rodriguez.</p><p> There are five other schools in Lake County that require uniforms. The decision to make Eustis Heights the sixth will be voted on at the school board meeting Monday evening. It starts at 6 p.m at the district offices in Tavares.</p><p> One parent group also plans to discuss recess before the board. They're rallying together to tell the board they'll accept uniforms if their children are given a 30-minute recess every day, saying that's what will help increase their academic performance among other skills.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:08:08 GMT

Orlando police break up large street party

<p> Orlando police had to break up a large street party late Saturday night after 911 was called.</p><p> Police said they were called to the 900 block of Randall Street late Saturday night after a street party grew to about 1,000 people.</p><p> The street party gathering was not permitted and the size of the crowd caused the street to close down.</p><p> Police said they were trying to break up the party for about 30 minutes and ended up calling Orange County deputies to help.</p><p> Deputies and police had to don riot gear and as they were clearing people out, someone in the crowd fired shots into the air.</p><p> Neighbors tell Local 6 a much different story. They say the party was peaceful until police showed up and began harassing them. They admit they did not have permits, but say police were exaggerating the size and demeanor of the crowd.</p><p> Police said they had to deploy white smoke, which is a non-chemical agent to clear people out.</p><p> No injuries were reported.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:26:09 GMT

Search for Sanford arsonist continues after 2 more fires

<p> The State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating two suspicious fires that gutted abandoned homes over the weekend. The fires may be linked to six others that have been set in Sanford since the beginning of July.</p><p> Sanford police said both fires were set within hours of each other along Palmetto Avenue from Saturday evening to early Sunday morning.</p><p> "I saw the glow," said Angelica Korynas, who lives nearby. "It was orange and it was already engulfed six or seven feet high."</p><p> No suspicious activity was reported leading up to the fires, but Korynas said she heard rustling in the leaves outside her window before the fires sparked up.</p><p> "When I looked out the window and didn't see (anything). Heard it again. Looked out the window again and I just saw flames."</p><p> In early July, a total of six fires destroyed abandoned homes and a historic schoolhouse in the Sanford area. Four of those fires were located on or near Palmetto Avenue.</p><p> The state fire marshal, along with an area task force, has been formed to figure out if the fires are related and how to prevent further fires from happening.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:36:26 GMT

Heat index to reach 105 degrees in Central Florida

<p> Rain chances will be low Monday in Central Florida, but it will be a scorcher.</p><p> "Southwest winds will bring the west coast sea breeze inland, with a few isolated storms Monday afternoon," Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said.  "Rain chances will only be at 20 percent."</p><p> Temperatures, however, will heat quickly to 96 degrees, but it will feel like 105 at times.</p><p> Rain chances return to 50 percent on Tuesday, with a high of 95 degrees.</p><p> Meanwhile, a new area of low pressure will get more organized in the next few days in the Atlantic.  The low pressure center is still southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.</p><p> "As it moves west, it will have more moist air to work with," Bridges said.  "The hurricane center says there's a 70 percent chance for development in the next five days."</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:22:12 GMT

Photos: Florida mug shots

<p> Here's a look at some of the individuals who have been arrested recently in the Sunshine State.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 13:27:04 GMT

Celebrities visiting Central Florida

<p> From President Obama to Cheryl Crow, John Stamos to Slash, everybody loves to come out and play at the theme parks. Take a look at some of the celebrities that have visited Central Florida.</p>

Published: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 15:38:36 GMT

5th rocket launch attempt at Cape Canaveral scheduled for Monday

<p> Af­ter four launch attempts in four days, a Delta IV rocket and three military satellites remain right where they started -- on the launch pad.</p><p> But after a day off Sunday to give the launch team a break, United Launch Alliance and the Air Force will take anoth­er shot Monday, when the weather is expected to im­prove a bit. Launch on Monday is targeted for 6:43 p.m., the opening of a 65-minute window at Cape Canaver­al Air Force Station.</p><p> There's a 60 percent chance of favorable weather -- the best odds yet since the mission be­gan trying to get off the ground on Wednesday.</p><p> Technical problems scrubbed the first try, but thunderstorms and light­ning washed out the next three countdowns on Thursday, Friday and Sat­urday.</p><p> There was some opti­mism the storms might clear before Saturday's window closed at 7:56 p.m., but a lightning warn­ing never cleared. Several funnel clouds were spotted, and the Titusville area was under a tornado warning for about 30 min­utes in the hours leading up to the launch window.</p><p> With the day off, the 206-foot Delta IV and its payload were returned to the shelter of a mobile ser­vice tower at Launch Complex 37. Atop the rocket are twin satellites that will look out for threats from other spacecraft orbiting more than 22,000 miles up, and a third experimen­tal satellite.</p><p> The mission's delay to Monday has pushed back by one day, to Friday, the next launch on the Cape schedule: an Atlas V rock­et carrying the seventh in a new series of Global Po­sitioning System satel­lites. That launch is now planned at 11:23 p.m. Friday, with an 18-minute window.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:16:30 GMT

Driver sought after crash with Orlando fire truck

<p> Orlando police are looking for a driver after a crash involving a fire truck sent three people to the hospital.</p><p> Officers say a car and an Orlando Fire Department truck collided at an Orlando intersection early Sunday morning.</p><p> Police say they tried to get the driver to pull over for a traffic stop in the area of Columbia Street and Goldwyn Avenue.</p><p> The driver appeared to stop at first, but then drove off, running a stop sign at Bethune Drive and Columbia Street, according to police.</p><p> A fire crew was driving west on Columbia Street, with the truck's sirens and lights flashing, when it crashed into the car.</p><p> After the accident, the driver of the car took off running.</p><p> His three passengers were injured and taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.</p><p> Two firefighters complained of sore necks and backs, but they were not seriously hurt.</p><p> Police are now looking for the driver who left the scene of the accident.</p><p> If he is found, officers say he will face several charges.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:12:26 GMT

Man arrested in fatal DUI crash in Lake County

<p> The Florida Highway Patrol investigated a late night accident where a man was hit and killed in the roadway.</p><p> Troopers said the accident happened at 10:17 p.m. Saturday on State Road 46 and Wekiva River Road.</p><p> Troopers said 43-year-old Robert Wenrick was east on State Road 46 when he hit 20-year-old Conrad Berry, who was standing on the side of the road.</p><p> Troopers do not know why Berry was on the side of the road, but after he was hit he was knocked into the grassy shoulder and pronounced dead.</p><p> Troopers said Wenrick failed to submit a Breathalyzer and was arrested for DUI.</p><p> Wenrick was taken to the Lake County Jail and the crash remains under investigation.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:28:09 GMT

Gringotts ride breaks down at Universal

<p> Universal Studios told Local 6 Escape from Gringotts was evacuated Saturday morning after a technical glitch forced the ride to shut down.</p><p> A Local 6 viewer said the ride was completely full when the ride stopped and the lights came on.</p><p> The viewer said they were stuck on the ride for at least 40 minutes while workers tried to make repairs.</p><p> Universal Studios said all guests were safely evacuated and there were no injuries.</p><p> Officials said the ride was repaired and operational a short time later.</p>

Published: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 22:16:17 GMT

Where are 'Full House' stars today?

<p> Lori Loughlin, better known to "Full House" fans as "Aunt Becky," celebrates her 50th birthday on Monday. As you let that set in, let's take a look at where all the stars of the 1990s sitcom are today.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT

On this day: July 28

<p> Vivaldi and Bach die, the first hamburger is sold in the U.S., World War I breaks out, a bomber crashes into the Empire State Building, and the Summer Olympics open up in Los Angeles, all on this day.</p>

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT